Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bikes and Blizzards

Busy last few days of work at the house getting ready for the Great Tiling Event next weekend. Heather's parents came to help us out this weekend, and we got all new subfloor put in the areas where we will be putting the new ceramic tile. A huge thanks to them for all the help! Heather said that she is going to update her blog with some new pics soon.

In cycling-related news, I highly recommend that all Team Brown Bear members head over to the Team Blog to check out the latest update. :)

In other cycling news, I put the finishing touches on my new road bike, an Eddy Merckx Premium sloping frameset. Full Easton Scandium tubing with an all-carbon fork. Yowzer. I can't wait to ride it!!

With the high temps of last week, the vast majority of our snow was gone. You could see the grass. People were out and about with no coats on. Well, that all changed this weekend. Here's a pic of our driveway. Where's our mailbox?

Another thing...having to shovel all this crap at 2 houses really, really sucks. If anyone has an extra snowblower, we would be more than happy to take it off your hands. :)

Important game tonight. #1 vs #2 in the league. Team Blue still had just the one loss on the season (to none other than Team Gray). Well, that all changed tonight when we steam-rolled over them with a 6-3 win. It was a fun, fast-skating game. I ended up with 2 goals and 1 assist, with one of my goals being a short-handed goal. I didn't really have to work too hard for either goal, as both were the result of great passes from teammates that left me wide open in front of the net. That win leaves us only 1 point behind Team Blue in the standings with 4 games left in the regular season...

Monday, February 19, 2007

And the work begins...

Hello everyone. Quick little update today. The closing on the house has come and gone. We now own a home! This past weekend was spent working on it. Heather has updated her blog on our progress. Check it out.

My new road bike is nearing completion. I will post pics in a few days. :)

Team Gray took on the 3rd placed Team Black last night and won 5-3. I scored 2 goals, including an empty net goal with 30 seconds remaining to seal the victory. Lots of ice time since only 11 skaters showed up for our team. Up next week is Team Blue, who is still in 1st place and probably angry at us for handing them their only loss of the season last time we played. Should be a good game.

Linoleum tile = The Devil.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bike Fun and a Hatty

Hello all. This is it. The week is upon us. The bank amended the purchase price of the house to include a credit for the roof replacement, and we are now set to close on our house this Thursday. Holy crap. Heather and I are pretty excited, even though we won't move into it until March 15th or April 1st. Lots of work will need to be done between now and then. Heather will keep everyone updated with the work being done on her blog.

In other good news for Heather, she made it past the first step of getting into the radiology tech program at UW. Now she has a test tomorrow, essentially to prove that she is human and has a brain. We'll see what the results say. :) The next step after that will be an interview with the heads of the program. She won't find out if she gets in or not until May though...

The work on Heather's new tri bike is now complete. It turned out really well.
Closeup of the handlebar. Check out how huge the headtube is! And the aero top tube/downtube!
Here it is in full race mode, with the flashy Cosmic Carbone wheels.
And here are my new "race" cross wheels. Dr Bakke is buying my Mavic Helium's, so I built up a pimpy new wheelset: White Industries LTA hubset, Velocity Fusion rims, DT Revolution spokes. Fast, uber light, and stiff.

After our one-week Super Bowl break, Team Gray took to the ice against last placed Team Green last night, and kicked some butt, winning 8-2. I got my first hat trick of the season, and ended the game with 3 goals and 1 assist. We now have a 4 point lead over 3rd place with 6 games left in the regular season before the playoffs start.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Windswept Day In Time

The temps from the last week or so remind me of ND winters. Kind of a shock, especially considering how mild the beginning of the winter was here in WI. But it's already February, so before you know it, we'll be outside riding bikes again. :)

House Update: The bank had an estimate done to figure out the cost of replacing the roof. We then asked the bank to reduce the purchase price by that amount. We will know by Fri evening if they agree to that or not. We close on it next Thurs (Feb 15th). Crazy.

I got done building my new front wheel for my cross bike. Still working on the rear...(this could be taken in more than one way!). :) Work also continues on Heather's tri bike. Pictures of everything will be posted once they are completed.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ha Ha

[points and laughs]