Monday, January 28, 2008


I got my new mtb for the upcoming season last week. When you combine the parts off my 9.9/8900 and my new bike, in addition to the new XTR stuff I bought, you get this mess:
I'll be building it up in the next few weeks and post some more pics of it then. :)

This past weekend was fun. On Sunday, Mary and I ditched the spouses and went to Devils Head for some fun skiing/snowboarding. It was a really good time, and we are planning on doing it again this winter. Later that night I got to test out my new hockey stick in a game against Team Grey. It was a back and forth game...we led 2-0 after the 1st, they led 4-2 after 2...but we came back with 4 goals in the 3rd period to win 6-4. I broke the stick in with style, getting a goal and an assist.

This weekend Heather and I are going to Minneapolis, as she is participating in the Race Up the Place, where she will race up 35 flights of stairs to help fight lung disease. Also this weekend is the Arrowhead 135. Good luck to Dave, Pat, Rick, and Chuck! Stay safe and warm!
P.S. - What happened to Greg's blog?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Trent's Real World

Hello all. Long time no bloggie. And then Trent called me out via email. So here we go. This will just be a random post.

I don't think that my Lemond Sarthe has made an appearance on my blog yet:
I got it last summer to ride at work. I got sick of bringing my bike back and forth to work. So it sits in my cubicle and I ride it for the lunch rides. It has a buttery smooth ride...steel is real (as they say). I brought it home so that I could ride it on the trainer this winter and let the Eddy rest up for the upcoming season.

New tools are the coolest. The basement bike shop is slowly getting updated with new goodies. The latest additions - a vise, bench grinder, and air compressor.
I plan on getting a brad nailer sometime soon so that I can use my air compressor to put down baseboard. We'll have a lot of that to do once we finish painting everything.

The little TV that we had downstairs stopped working. So we moved the one from our bedroom downstairs and got a different one for the bedroom. Now we have a nice TV to watch while working out in the basement.
Also, check out the middle shelf in the tv stand. Heck yeah that's an original Nintendo system! I played some Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt last night. :)

Does something look different here:
I bet it had been many years since the last time I had broken a stick. And now I've broken two in the past month. My green stick got slashed in the last hockey game and it shattered instantly. Crazy. We won 6-5, so that made it better I guess. I got that CCM Vector as a is a one-piece composite stick instead of the separate shaft & blade stick. I've never had one of those before; hopefully it lasts longer. It seems they don't make a decent wood or aluminum stick anymore.

Some closeups. Makes me scared to ride carbon bike components. :)
That's all. Hopefully everyone has a good weekend. We'll have to bundle up here, it's going to be cold.