Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy, busy...

Another busy month, and I just kind of forget about the blog. Oops.
It seems that we've been driving all over the place lately. This weekend it was nice to just sit at home and relax.

A few races since my last post. I did a crit in first crit in over 2 years. The last few corners were pretty sketchy, so I just rolled it in with the main pack. Then I did a road race in Whitewater. Felt really good, I was in the leading group of 13 riders with a half mile to go in the race when two riders right in front of me tangled bars and went down. I ran right over them and hit the pavement. Luckily my bike escaped relatively unharmed...the wheels trued back up, just a couple small scratches on the frame, few marks on the shifter...some new hbar tape and it was rolling again. I had some good road rash on my arm, hip, and palms though.

The next weekend Annabelle and I headed to ND to visit the grandparents and do the Prairie Rose road and mtb races.
Here she is at one of the pit stops, enjoying herself.
The road race was on Saturday. Once again, I was feeling really good and was in the leading group of 7 riders on the last lap of the 50 mile race. About a mile past the start/finish line, my rear tire flatted. Crap. My sealant didn't work, so I had to walk it back a mile. Turned out I had a nice chunk of glass in my rear tire.
The mtb race was on Sunday, and that went better. Vino, Greg, and Sears were there, so it was good seeing them. Jay Richards, a semi-pro from MN, was also there. He and I got away on the first lap and rode the rest of the 6 laps together, taking turns pulling through the horse trails. Some new sections of singletrack out at Turtle River...great loop. He got me on the uphill paved sprint finish, so I got 2nd place overall. Jay's take on the race can be found here.

Annabelle and I arrived home on Monday, and then on Wednesday we were on the road again to our annual lake retreat with the Josef parents, this time near Phillips, WI. That was a nice, relaxing time. It was pretty cold for July...didn't go swimming or anything, but I managed to read some books, do some puzzles, play some board games, and watch the Tour.

This past Tuesday after work we headed back to ND. RIP Jack. Our thoughts are with the entire Leedahl family.

Random notes...I may be getting a new job at Trek. I have a 2nd interview on Monday morning, so I'll keep you informed of what happens with that. Also, a group of players from my league hockey team signed up for the 2010 Pond Hockey Champs in Eagle River, WI in February. That should be a really fun time. And that's all for now.

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Simmons said...

Great seeing the Abrahams.

Sorry to hear about Jack :(

Good luck with the interviews!