Friday, March 28, 2008

Busy Times and Afterthoughts

Might as well do another post with no pictures. I don't have any new ones, plus Heather took the camera with her this weekend. Her and Mary went to visit Mary's parents in Indiana for a relaxing weekend. It will be a guy's weekend here in Madison, as Brandon is coming to visit and we are going to the NCAA hockey regional here. The Sioux got placed in Madison unexpectedly, but I won't complain since it means I get to watch more hockey.

Last weekend I traveled to Minneapolis for the WCHA Final Five and managed to watch 4 hockey games, visit Foxy, stop at Auntie Alane's for an excellent meal, and play in a Sioux/Gopher fan hockey game all in one weekend. Brandon, Gillian, and I went to the games and had awesome first row seats in the upper level. Naturally, I ran into a big snowstorm on my drive to the Cities. What the hell? It is in the 40s all week, almost all the snow is gone, and then we get 5 inches of snowy, icy crap the day I leave for a trip? I'm ready for summer.

Good news...Rick, Trent, and I got into Chequamegon again. I see that they cashed my check last week, so we're golden. Vino is coming to cheer us on and take pics instead of racing. Speaking of Vino, Jen should be birthing Lil Buddy Simmons sometime soon...that's awesome, congrats man! Also cool is that Trent finished his first novel. I would read it, but it doesn't have any advertisements or pictures of naked women to keep me focused, so my ADD would probably kick in and I wouldn't be able to finish it.

Team Green has lost its way. We have gone 1-2 in the last 3 games and are now in 4th place, which is disappointing since we were leading the league not long ago. Only one more regular season game left before the 4-week playoffs start. I need to pick up my scoring asap.

Brooks and I started to finalize our racing schedule for this year. It looks like our first road race will probably be in the 3rd or 4th week of April. Riding has been going well; feeling good in the lunch rides at work, now I just need to start getting some longer rides in to build up my endurance.

That's about all I have for now. I promise that my next post will have pics.
Go Sioux!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not Even Any Pictures

An ├╝ber-quick update, with bullet points!

  • Heather's parents came to visit this past weekend. It was a good time, we did some stuff around the house, went to a movie, and got a new bench for the entryway.
  • Spring looks to be around the corner. The temperatures are creeping above 40 degrees, which means that the lunch rides at work have started up again. It feels good to be back outside on the bike, even if I can't feel my toes by the end.
  • College hockey playoffs start this weekend. Next weekend is the WCHA Final Five tourney in Minneapolis. I got tickets with Brandon and Gillian, so I'm excited for that. Did B&G remember to take Friday off from work? :)
  • I'm almost done building my mtb...I know, I know, I've been taking my sweet-ass time with it. I'll get it done shortly and post some pics.
  • Team Green has once again gone 1-1 in the last two weeks. We lost last weekend 5-0...embarassing...and then we won this weekend 9-5. I got a goal off a nice deflection and two assists. We're tied for 2nd place now, but only one point behind 1st.
  • What is the deal with gas prices?
  • In other bike news, one of my bikes is getting an unplanned "facelift". It should be done in a couple weeks. I'll definitely post pics of that when it's completed. It's gonna be sweet!