Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Weeks Gone

Oops. Forgot to post for a couple weeks there. Had a fun trip back home to GF. Stayed at Fox's for a night then left for GF the next morning. Bummed around GF with Dad and Danette and went to the Sioux/Denver hockey game on Sat night. Of course on my drive home on Sunday it was blizzard conditions in WI. Seems to be how that works around here.

This past weekend Heather painted the kitchen while I replaced all the outlets, switches, and faceplates in the kitchen...they used to be a mixture of almond and white, now they are all white. Trent will be proud of me, as I didn't shock myself or burn down the house...yet.

Here is our winter wonderland:
Heather doesn't seem to think that a backyard hockey rink will fit back there; I disagree. :)

Speaking of hockey...the last 2 games Team Green has gone 1-1. We beat Team Blue 7-6 last week and I got a goal and an assist, but this week we lost to Team Orange 4-1; no points for me. Somehow Team Green is still in first place despite our inconsistent play lately.

Friendly Reminder: Vino, Trent, Rick, and anyone else that is interested in racing Chequamegon this need to get me your registration form and $. We need those in by March 15th, or we miss out on the lottery. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Basement (with outlets!)

This past weekend we had a fun time with Tonia and Trent. On Saturday we went to Body World's in Milwaukee. That was crazy. Plasticized real human bodies with each exhibit showing what the internal organs, muscles, brain, etc looks like while doing a particular activity. The fetal exhibit and the horse with rider were the most interesting to me.

After we returned from that, we started on the basement wiring project. Up until now, I had been running extension cords to power most things in the basement, so we needed to get some more outlets down there. Luckily for us, Trent not only has the skills to help with that, but also the discounts from working at a large electrical parts supplier.
Doing some custom modifications to the outlet boxes.
The girls were in charge of drilling the holes into the concrete. Put your back into it!
After a few hours of work, the project was complete. Six new outlets in the basement. Excellent. Thanks Trent and Tonia!

On Sunday night I had hockey again after a one week break due to the Super Bowl. We got our butts kicked 7-0. The game was alot closer than the score indicated though. Once again, we had the crappy goalie (the same one that let in 12 goals earlier this year). I hope that our team can play against him sometime this year. But either way, weren't not going to win a game if we don't score any goals.

Willa, Mario, and Vontoux got to play in the sunroom while we were working downstairs. This is like the medium, large, and huge of dog breeds. :) I hope Mario is feeling better!
No Alberto or Levi in this year's Tour? Nice job by the Tour de France organizers to exclude last year's 1st and 3rd place finishers...

I am heading home this weekend to GF to visit family. Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quick Trip to the Cities

Heather and I had a fun, but really quick, trip to the Cities this past weekend. Drove there on Friday after work and hung out with Alane and Dick for a bit before heading over to Brandon and Gillian's to spend the night. In the morning, Heather raced in the Race Up the Place, where she ended up placing 53rd out of 335 participants (3rd in her age group). She ran up the 35 flights of stairs in 6min 46sec. Nice job Heathrow!!

After that we played with B&G some more and then drove over to Foxy and Sara's place to see them too. It was the first time that we've seen their new house. Definitely a nice place in a cool area...although we were sad that we didn't get to see Bear. The highlight of the visit was seeing Foxy in his boxers.

Greg's blog mysteriously disappears...and then Trent takes up that empty space on the web by starting his own blog! About time! :)

The Sioux played the Gophers in Minneapolis this weekend. For the 2nd straight year, that trip resulted in a SportsCenter #1 Play of the Day for the Sioux. Last year it was Robbie Bina's 170ft goal, and this year it was Evan Trupp diving to bat the puck out of midair for the overtime game-winning goal. This clip shows it even better in slo-mo.

Up this weekend: A visit from Tonia and Trent! :)