Friday, June 12, 2009

Catching up...

Back at it again. Let's get it started...the last few months in pictures:

Auntie Alane visited us for a weekend. We went for a nice bike ride.
Then Tonia, Dad, and Danette all visited over Memorial Day weekend.
Tonia said the cows smelled just like Trent.
Annabelle loves swinging at the park.
Sometimes I want to partake in the fun as well.
This week we started Annabelle on some "solid" foods. She liked that.
Within two days, she already figured out how to work the spoon. Now I just put the food on the spoon and hand it to her. She takes care of the rest.
I got a new bike as well. It's fast and light.
Last weekend was the WI State Champ road race. I got 5th overall and 2nd for WI riders...I missed being the state champ by about 2 inches. So that's both cool and annoying at the same time. The winner soloed for the last two laps and second place was none other than Robbie Ventura (ex-pro rider for USPS and ex-coach for Floyd Landis)...he wore a helmet cam and taped the whole race. There was a hill about 200 ft before the finish line and another rider attacked on that...only me and one other rider went with him. Here's the sprint developing, a little closer, closer still, and then me being disgusted that I lost the sprint. The first three places were all IL riders, so if I would have beaten that one dude at the end, I would have been state champ. Such is life sometimes... :)

Fun stuff coming up...first mtb race of the season for me next weekend. Road race on July 4th weekend. Then July 11-12 I am planning on heading back to GF to visit and to race the Prairie Rose road/mtb races. Annabelle has been all over the US with her mom (Michigan, Maryland, and soon Kentucky), so it's about time that her and I went roadtriping together.

Over and out.