Monday, May 04, 2009

First and Last

Long time no post. My apologies. Not too much new going on.
Annie's getting bigger, and becoming much more alert. Her new favorite game is now "Is Daddy Looking At Me?" when she's sitting in her chair at the table. She'll hide behind her toy, move to the side to see if I'm watching her, and then laugh and smile before quickly looking away. Then she does it again. Pretty darn cute.
Outdoor naked time.
Wearing her summer tank top.
On Saturday was my first race of the season, a road race near Baraboo. We did 3 laps of a 15mile course with two decent climbs on it. I felt crappy on the first lap and didn't make the lead group of around 15 riders that got away on the big climb. I got in a chase group of around 6 riders and we stayed pretty close to the leaders for the rest of the 1st and 2nd laps. We kept picking up riders that had gotten dropped by the leaders, and with only a few miles to go our group had around 15 people in it, with the leading group having 9. We brought the gap down to around a minute, but never got closer. In the last mile, a team from Chicago that had three riders in the group started to do a leadout for one of their guys. They were all lined up on the left waiting to start their sprint, but as we got closer to the line I decided to take off on the right. I took the field sprint by about a wheel length and got 10th place. Not too shabby for my first race of the season. After I got past the first lap, I felt good.

On Sunday was the last league hockey game of the season. Team Blue had a pretty bad playoff run...only winning one of the 5 playoff games. We were playing Team Red in the 5th place game, and we ended up losing 4-3 in the shootout. I've played three seasons now, and so far my team has ended up like this in the playoffs: Lost the Champ game (2 years ago), Lost the 3rd place game (last year), Lost the 5th place game (this year). I think that streak means that we'll win the Champ game next season. Either way, I still had a blast playing and will do it again next year.

We are getting a visit from Aunt Alane this upcoming weekend. Having some fun in the yard and hanging out is on the agenda. The weekend after that I am hoping to do a race double weekend...road race on Saturday, mtb race on Sunday. We'll see.