Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Things.

Fun new things at the Abraham household. We got our Burley on Friday and took Annie on her first bike ride on Easter Sunday. It was really nice out, so we rode the 10mile loop around town.

Getting loaded up!
Heading out.
On the bike path.
She was comfy.
She did really well...didn't make a sound for the entire ride, just alternated between sleeping and looking out the windows.

I also got the receiver hitch installed on the Subie a few weeks ago:
No more Yakima rack! I got the Saris Thelma 2 rear mount rack, so that should work well.

The Eddy got some changes this past winter as well. New wheels and a new group:
Got the carbon Aeolus 5.0 wheels with the new Shimano 7900 group. Nice! The 7900 brakes are amazing...might take me a few rides to get used to the new lever shape on the shifters though.

In other first race of the season will probably be sometime in the next three weeks. I haven't decided on the exact race yet though. Still have 3 more weeks of hockey, that's always a fun time. Heather's parents are visiting us this upcoming weekend, and then maybe Brandon and Gillian the following weekend.
Talk to you all later! :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009


We did our taxes this week. Another benefit of having a kid = increased refund. I like it. We are going to buy a Burley and a shed. And then we are flying to Vegas and putting the rest down on RED. We'll be set after that.

Speaking of lil Annabelle, she turns four months old on Monday. Even at that young age, she has already figured out what she wants to be when she gets older...
That's right, she wants to be Elton John.