Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've determined that Heather is a much better blogger than me. You should probably visit her blog if you want to see better pictures and read a better tale. :)

Things are going well here. We are entering spring here in Madison, and I am loving it. Not that it was a particularly bad winter, I was just ready to start being outdoors again. All of our snow is gone, and we even had a 70 degree day here this week. With the warmer weather arriving, that means that the lunch rides at work have started in earnest, so I can get myself in shape for the upcoming race season. The Eddy road bike is getting some updates this year...I'll post some pics once I complete that.

Annie B is doing awesome. She's super cute and loves to smile. I'm ordering up the Burley next week, so soon we will be able to go on rides around town with her as a passenger.

Tomorrow I take off for the Cities for the Final Five hockey tourney. Heather and Annabelle are driving up on Fri for the day to visit with Auntie Alane, Dick, Dad, and Danette. Should be a good time!

I'm getting a receiver hitch installed on the Subaru next week. I just got a Saris Thelma bike rack...I'm done with Yakima racks. No more taking off wheels, hoisting it on top, bugs, bad gas mileage, etc. Should be much better.

Talk to you all later... :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Break...

Been awhile since my last bloggie post. Not too much has happened since my last update...we had a visit from my mom from Arizona, Heather's mom stayed with us last week, and that's about it. Here are some pictures.

(Almost) naked baby!
All bundled up.
With mom on the Capitol Square.
Heather and Annabelle with the Capitol.