Thursday, February 05, 2009

London Trip

Hello all. Made it back from London yesterday. The flights there and back were both fine, pretty empty planes so I sat by myself and watched movies/played video games/read. The training for the European Trek employees went sounds like they will be launching P1 over there in a couple weeks now.

While we were there, London had it's worst snowfall in 18 years, which shutdown the airports, buses, subways, etc. It was humorous, as it didn't seem like more than 1-2 inches fell in most parts of the city. Here are a bunch of crappy pictures:

The "epic" snowfall.
The Trek UK office.
A naked rugby player advertisement.
London Bridge being guarded by a battleship.
St. Paul's Cathedral.
The road crossing into Buckingham.
Phallic monument of Winston Churchill.
Some sort of massive building.
Far away shot of Big Ben.
A castle equipped with a ferris wheel.
Front of Buckingham Palace.

And that's it.

Then I came back home because I missed Heathrow and little Annie B. Sounds like Heather will be doing a 2-month old Annie tribute blog post tomorrow, so be sure to check that out.

Also, the weather is warming up here in WI (30's and 40's), which means one thing: Lunch rides at work are starting. :)