Monday, January 29, 2007

A Post Sans Pictures

This post lacks the colorful addition of pictures. My apologies in advance.

The house drama continues. As Heather stated on her blog, we had our inspection on Saturday (she also posted some interior and backyard pics). The house could use a new roof and a new furnace. Both are still functioning leaks in the attic and the furnace is still running smooth, but both are "near the end of their useful life". So now we are seeing if the seller (the bank) would be willing to buy the new roof/furnace or give us a break on the selling price. Fun times.

Tonight we go to the insurance agent to check on insurance for the house. We need that before we can close on it.

Last night Team Gray extended their unbeaten streak, beating Team White 6-2. We played pretty well as a team and are now only 2 points behind Team Blue in the standings. I got an assist, but no goals. Next week we don't have a game due to the Super Bowl.

Is there a new road frameset in my near future??

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tales of Mystery and Imagination

A busy weekend of looking at houses. On Saturday Heather and I looked at 7 houses with our realtor, and found one winner from that bunch (in Sun Prairie):
We put an offer in on it today. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that we hear positive news on that shortly. The floor plan is quite similar to Tonia and Trent's house.

Vontoux loves the dog park. Vontoux also loves snow. When you combine the two, you get one very happy doggy. Here he is, mid-flight.
But after all that fun, he gets a little sleepy and needs to take a nap (tucked in, of course).

Team Gray played the 3rd placed Team Orange tonight in hockey. Final score was 8-3, with the boys in gray getting the win. That solidifies our hold on 2nd place. I had a goal and 2 assists.

After hockey, Heather and I went over to Mary and Brooks' house for some lasagna and brownies. Delicious.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Open Arms

Freddie and I welcome Heather to the world of blogging with open arms. I believe she is planning on keeping it updated with house projects and other assorted fun (once we buy a house, that is). Speaking of that, we have a date with our realtor lady tomorrow to look at 5 or 6 houses. I'll keep everyone updated on how that goes.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Turn of a Friendly Card

Hello everyone. It was a busy week here for Heather and I. We received a ridiculously high counter-offer on that split level house. We put in a counter-offer last night for just a little bit more than our original offer, and we don't really want to go any higher than that. We'll see what happens, but we're not holding our breath on getting that house. So the search continues. There is a house in East Madison that we are excited about now, I believe we are going to look at it this week. It is only 1.5 miles from Mary and Brooks' house.

Lots of bike fun this past week. The work on Heather's tri bike continues. Last night we put it on the trainer and dialed in her position a bit before cutting any of the housing. She's going to be fast! Brooks and I laced our wheels they just need to be tensioned up and they should be good to go. We also went to the Cronometro Bike Swap in Madison on Saturday. Neither of us found anything that we absolutely needed, so we came home empty-handed.

Team Gray beat the first place and previously undefeated Team Blue in convincing fashion last night, 8-4. It was a good win for us, as we only had 10 skaters show up, so that meant lots of ice time. I had 2 goals and 3 assists for a 5 point night. I missed a golden chance for the hat trick when I screwed up a pass that would have given me a breakaway. We are now back in 2nd place in the league.

Heather has today off from work. I'm jealous.

Monday, January 08, 2007

A New Ride for Heathrow

Some big news since my last blog post...Heather and I have put an offer in on that split level house here in Sun Prairie! Exciting and scary at the same time. We just did that tonight, so we should be hearing back within the next 2 days if they accept the offer or want to make a counter-offer. I'll keep you posted.

Also, Heather ordered up her Trek Equinox 7 WSD bike last week! I just started building it, so I will post some more pics of it when I get it completed. Heather's going to be smokin' fast in the bike leg of her tri's this season! :)
After a 3 week break due to the holidays, Team Gray took to the ice again on Sunday and had their 4-game unbeaten streak broken by Team Black in a 5-3 loss. All 5 of Team Black's goals were scored when our 3rd line was out on the could probably say that they didn't have their best game. I felt like I had a good game...only managed one assist, but could have easily had 3 or 4 goals with all the chances that my line had. Just didn't get the puck luck I guess.

A pile of rims, spokes, hubs, and nipples? That can only mean one's wheel building time!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years In ND

Heather and I had a late Xmas celebration with my side of the family over New Year's at the Litchy residence in Fargo. Auntie Alane drove from the Cities and the Abraham parents drove from GF in freezing rain to take part in the get together. Good times were had. Here are some pics:

Here is Mario trying to get Heather to play with him. Heather seems reluctant.
Tonia and Big J looking WAY too excited.
Here I am showing Heather my kung-fu style.
Once again, it was too short of a visit. And the last 2 weeks have been crazy with all the driving. Here is a breakdown of the last 11 days of driving:
Sun Prairie, WI to Port Huron, MI and back -- 972 miles and 16 hours
Sun Prairie, WI to Grand Forks, ND and back -- 1160 miles and 17 hours
So needless to say, this upcoming weekend it will be nice to just sit around the house and relax. Heather and I have a second showing tomorrow evening at that split level house here in Sun Prairie. We'll check it out more thoroughly and see if we want to make an offer on it. I'll keep you posted.